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3 Tips for Loan Officers to Have Prosperous and Successful 2013

17 Apr

successMortgage loan officers basically work for the lending or financial institution. Their job is to review mortgage loan applications and conduct an analysis whether loan will be approved or not. However, it certainly not as simple as it sounds. The debate about what it takes to be a good mortgage loan officer seems to be endless. This article will ferret out some unconventional and dynamic tips for loan officers to ensure they have a successful 2013.

Tip # 1

Hone your writing skills:

It may sound awkward to many that what a loan officer has to do with the writing skills. But fact is that good writing skills can definitely make you stand out from the thousands of other loan officers. There is no dearth of customers who are quite meticulous about little thing and non-professional written communication can be a big turn off for them.

Good writing skills for mortgage loan officers have become specifically requisite since the increasing usage of loan officer mortgage websites. These days, most common mediums of communication between customers and mortgage professionals are e-mails, blogs, and text messages and follow up letters. Hence, make sure what you write looks professional, make sense and create value for the customers.

Tip # 2

Be a tech savvy:

mortgage websites lately have turned out to be the biggest tool for mortgage loan officers to fetch leads. However, very few loan officers understand that website works for those who try to go extra mile. Setting up a website for the sake of formality will never yield the positive results. It is necessary for a loan officer to be fully involved in the web presence of his mortgage business. There are certain decisions that can best be taken by mortgage professionals as only they can determine best what kind of website be the true manifestation of their business vision and mission. For instance, a loan officer should decide about the mortgage websites designs. Whether to go for custom website or loan officer website templates will do the trick for business, no webmaster can decide better than loan officer.

Tip # 3

Constantly improve your sales skills:

Now you think you do not need to know this. Trust me – this is something no matter how much you have will always be insufficient. Sales and convincing people is a lot more than apprising them about your product. When it comes to mortgage, it is more about building a relationship with the client. It’s more about convincing the client that you work for him also, not just for the financial institution.

Besides, make sure your communication skills are good enough to deal with all sorts of people. i know loan officers who are really good with educated clients but struggle big time when it comes to dealing with the customers almost clueless about mortgage process. It is good to attend training sessions or workshops once or twice in a year.


Ingredients of brilliantly designed mortgage website

4 Apr

mortgage websitesIn today’s era of technology, irrespective of the scale of business, what connects it to rest of the world is “website”. Unfortunately, while some businesses have made fortunes out of it; others have witnessed a disaster. Website design is the key factor behind success and failure of every website. This article will highlight some web designing ingredients that can make or break the mortgage website.

Web content: it is all about creating a value for the visitor and content is key in this regard. People visit websites to find the information they are looking for; therefore make sure there is ample information for visitor which could easily be fathomed. For instance, if you have a reverse mortgage websites, make sure content essentially is about reverse mortgage. Other than information, content’s presentation has to be very good. Poor spelling and grammar mistakes will make bad impression of a website.

Website’s compatibility with browsers: there are myriad of browsers around. Website must be designed in a way to be compatible with at least all the famous browsers. All the users do not happen to be tech savvy; they either do not have the enough time to upgrade the browser or download new one or they simply do not know how to do it. They follow the simple rule “as long as it’s working; no need to fix it”.  A brilliantly designed website must work with major browsers like Microsoft internet explorer, Firefox, opera and Netscape at least.

Photos and graphics: studies have shown that if a web page takes more than 10 seconds to load; visitor will switch to another website. Therefore, be extremely cautious about the about the size of graphic files and photos on the web page.

Multimedia: multimedia consists of video and audio clips, background music, pictures and flash movies. A good website is the one that cater both kinds of visitors; those who want to see all this and those who do not want to.

Creating a text of the information given in multimedia for those who do not want to see multimedia is also a great facility for the visitor. Also, if a plug in is required provide a link. Last but never the least; never forget the “ten seconds rule”.

Navigation of the site: studies have shown that if a visitor does not found the required information within three clicks; will click away. We can call it the “three click rule”. Ensure that visitor reaches to required area within three clicks from any other area of the website. Navigation becomes more significant in case of residential mortgage websites.

Conclusion: a best website is the one that saves the visitor’s time and provides the relevant information. A website that does it well will certainly lead to success.

Mortgage website not working? You must be committing one of these 5 mistakes

1 Apr

mortgage websitesForewords:
Launching a business on internet through website and yielding good results from that website is a laborious task that requires proper homework and lots of efforts. The task becomes more laborious and tough when it comes to representing a complicated and fickle business like mortgage consultancy on internet.

I personally know various mortgage professionals who are struggling with their mortgage websites and worst is they have been unable to find the reason. This article will elaborate 5 most common mistakes that mortgage professionals make and have their money sunk.

1) Do not be a “BULL”:
yes, you read it right. Do not be a fighting bull who knows nothing but to attack the bullfighter. Websites do not work that way. Just the way you would or you had dealt with your new office in other state and prepared all the cash outflows and forecasted the inflows; websites of your mortgage consultancy needs the same attention. Hence, keep your expectations real and prepare the “ROI” and other necessary forecasting.

2) No subscription option:
let me explain this to you by drawing an analogy. Would you say good-bye a mortgage-seeker visiting your office first time without having his contact information and other important details? Never! Same way, how can you let the visitor visiting your mortgage website first time go without getting his important details.

Subscription option should be, least to say, ubiquitous on the website. You should leave no stone unturned to make sure that every visitor subscribed with the website. Whether having subscription option on every page or by offering the subscribers something exceptional; make it your top priority.

3) Inertia is equal to disaster:
is the mortgage industry in state of inertia? Definitely not! Then how come your website is inert? Speculations and news are inherent part of mortgage industry and that makes it extremely unstable and changeable. If you want your website to be the perfect representation of your business, makes sure you add new things on regular basis.

Opt for the option of buying mortgage website templates as it will make you more autonomous and you can add new content easily.

4) Neglecting the post website-creation work:
no matter how wonderful and classy website looks or how amazing functionalities it has; absence of proper marketing plan will never take it places.

I will go even bit far and say that vigorous marketing campaign is more important on cyberspace as competition is tougher. Therefore, pay proper attention to this aspect. Search engine optimization activities that you may have found clerical and not so importance are paramount and can be the make or break point.

5) Not keeping up with latest developments:
cyber space is extremely dynamic and always on evolution. Old techniques and methods, on regular basis, are being replaced by the new and contemporary ones. Therefore, make sure you have an eye on all the latest developments and innovations.

For instance, I know various mortgage brokers who think social media is for fun stuff and cannot be taken seriously. They are in dire need to understand that it can do wonder to your website and business. Another example could be growing trends of buying templates and neglecting the custom mortgage websites.

Highly effective mortgage marketing plan for mortgage professionals on budget

28 Mar

mortgage websiteMarketing of a mortgage website and bringing traffic on it is certainly an enduring and difficult task. I have met various mortgage professionals in state of shock and surprise that creating a website is not even equal to getting half of the job done.

What many brokers fail to realize is that setting up a website is one thing and generating leads through website is a different ballgame altogether. Let me draw an analogy to simplify it for you. Does setting up a posh office in best locality of city guarantees you lots of clients? NO. In spite of all the money you have spent on that office; there is still a dire need of using personal contacts and launching a vibrant marketing campaign to let people know about your business and services. A website works the same way. No matter how much you have invested in the process of creating it and how fantastic is the product; strenuous marketing efforts are required to yield the desired ROI of mortgage website.

The spectrum of activities to market the website is too broad. There are unlimited marketing techniques, methods and strategies. In this article, I will highlight a relatively economical and quite effective method of marketing a mortgage website without having you paying thousands of dollars monthly fees to the webmaster which is “social media marketing”.

Social media is still being underestimated in mortgage industry. Many of my broker colleagues feel social media is the play stuff and something for non-serious activities. But let me tell you, if done well; it can do wonder for you. Rest of the article will be about a tried and tested plan to launch a highly effective and economical social media marketing campaign.

Do not open too many fronts in the beginning:

Social media is not just about face book and twitter anymore. Over the last few years, various other platforms have been introduced. I would suggest start with face book and twitter as they are the most popular ones. Once your presence has been established there, then go for other platforms. It’s also important to figure out which social media platform is pertinent to your services and it starts with identifying the target market. If you have reverse mortgage website, figure out at which platform you can find maximum of your target market.

Is it all about We-We?

Your social media activities should not smack of narcissism and arrogance. Keep it easy, light, Informative and entertaining. Intersperse your social media content with industry information and other important development and analysis on mortgage industry.

Is it one-way traffic?

The biggest benefit of social media is the interaction opportunities it provides. Be quick in your response to the queries of social media group. In the ends, it’s not about you but about the potential clients. In some cases, interaction holds utmost importance. For example, if you have a residential mortgage website; your target market will be the people buying home first time or buying second time after ages when their knowledge about mortgage has been faded. In this situation, you are likely to be engulfed with questions from mortgage seekers and timely answer will enhance their trust on you.

Mortgage website – success lies in this “little secret”

25 Mar

mortgage websitesAre you a mortgage professional and not satisfied with the ROI of your website? Do you lament the decision of having a website for business and spending thousands of dollars on webmasters? Have you been failed to figure out what is the reason of website’s poor performance?

Believe me – you are no exception! It’s my daily job to meet with mortgage professionals complaining over the performance of their websites. In this article, I will divulge the secret behind failure and unsatisfactory performance of mortgage websites, and the secret is “Content”.

Now, the contents are of two types. Firstly, the content you have on the websites. Secondly, the content you are producing for marketing and SEO purposes of website.

Before I elaborate on how to come up with the right amount and quantity of content; let me help you drop two misconceptions first.

Firstly, it’s a high time to jettison the approach the no one reads the content. Yes – visitors do not read the each and every word of content on your website but visitors do read the portion text which is pertinent for you.

Secondly misconception is that little content is enough. Not at all, indeed you do not want visitor to lost in the website, but there has to be a sufficient amount of content.

Tips to coming up with EXCELLENT content:

Firstly, text on website should be a unique and amazing amalgamation of candid and professional. You should not be saying something childish for sure, at the same time you do not want to sound someone larger than life. Keep it informative and simple. Words on website should make visitors feel they have landed on the ideal place for their problem and need.

Secondly, keep the industry jargons for the discussions over tea parties with your colleagues. Keep the text as simple and easy-to-understand for the reader as possible. Who has time to use dictionary? There is no dearth of mortgage broker websites and visitor will quickly click away if he feels confused and perplexed.

Thirdly, avoid exaggerations. Buying a home is a big decision for people and last thing they want is being mislead. Avoid slogans like “HAVE YOUR OWN HOME IN FEW DAYS” and stuff. Raising customer’s expectations unnecessarily is not a good idea. Indubitably, you claim to have all the solutions of their problems, but given an impression to be their partner in their pursuit of finding a home at good rate.

Fourthly, all the written stuff on website should be organized and easy-to-find for the visitor. If you are offering multiple services, make sure visitor finds the one he is looking for easily. Don’t make visitors feel like “babe lost in woods”.

Shortly, no matter how good your mortgage website design is and how amazing knowledge and track record you have. It’s the words written on your websites that do the talking. They are the real representation of your business and your good intentions. One thing is common in all the best mortgage websites; they have extremely articulate, organized, informative and charming content.

5 Reasons Buying Templates is Best Option for a Mortgage Website

9 Mar

best mortgage websitesAre you a non techie mortgage professional? Do words like WordPress, HTML, and CSS haunt you? Do you still consider online marketing of your business is not your domain in spite of believing in effectiveness of internet marketing? Trust me – you are not the only one.

There are various mortgage professionals who wish to go online and have a website for their business, but trapped in a wrong perception that it’s an extremely time and money consuming task which is true to an extent. However, things have changed dramatically with the increasing use of website templates. Buying website templates is the new and easy way of having an immaculate website. This article will give you 5 reasons why buying templates are more beneficial for the mortgage website.

1) You are in total control:

it is extremely important for a mortgage professional to give his own input in order to have best mortgage website. I have seen various mortgage brokers relying totally on the web designers, developers and other professionals and end up whining. Firstly, your business is your own brainchild, thus no one can understand the mission, vision and philosophy of your business more than you. You are the best person to know what kind of website design, functionalities, information and content represents your business aptly. Secondly, mostly web masters are expert in their field but do not have the knack of apprehending the other industries, especially an industry like mortgage which is quite fickle and full of jargon’s. Option of buying templates makes you autonomous enough to turn the idea of your business website into reality.

2) Website ready in few days:

buying templates is certainly the quickest way around to have a website. You can have a website within couple of days if you are opting for this. Most of the time you have two options 1) choosing templates and having them customized 2) finding templates which are closest to your need. Either way, it is far faster than hiring designer and developer and having work done from them.

3) Save money:

this is one of the most prominent advantages of website templates. You can have your own website in less than $100. However, the real cost saving lies in the fact that you will manage your website and do not have to make hefty monthly payments to webmaster. I have seen people seen people paying more than thousand dollars monthly to webmasters, yet unable to get the desired result. Buying templates is the best way to save money and get the mortgage websites designs of your choice.

4) Easy customization:

mortgage broker website is kind of website that requires constant updating. Changing interest rates, new government policies, new products and a lot more: Website templates allow mortgage broker to make changes easily when required. Whether you want to upload a new blog, new testimonial or business tagline or new sale; you are no more dependent on the consultant.

5) Web marketing becomes easy:

the purpose of mortgage website is to market the business and generate leads. The dilemma with mostly web designers and developers is they are not abreast of latest search engine optimization techniques and developments. Templates reduce this problem to a great extent. Now a day, various templates have search engine optimization configuration.

iMortgageSites website Set up process

28 Feb

How to get a mortgage website:

  1. Step 1 (Optional): Choose a template you wish to use for your website.This step is optional, you can directly jump to step 2. And if you decide not to choose a template at the time of signup, iMortgageSites will assign a default template to your new website. Which you can change anytime with just one click of mouse through admin panel.
  2. Step 2: Select a Package and Payment Plan. At this stage you have the option to purchase additional services (e.g custom logo and template) offered by iMortgageSites. For a complete list of additional services, please visit here.
  3. Step 3: Enter billing information. A credit card is required for billing purposes.
  4. Step 4: Complete the brief online contact form, enter a username and password. If you have not registered your domain name, register, and type in, to complete the signup process.
  5. That’s It: Your new mortgage website is ready. You’ll now receive couple of confirmation emails with details about how to use your admin panel.

Ready to Begin?

Step 1: Choose a template.

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