About iMortgageSites.com

iMortgageSites.com is an innovative, new software company providing high-tech websites for mortgage brokers, mortgage banks, real estate companies, real estate brokers, and loan officers.  Before initiation, the company embarked upon intense research to identify key features and tools compulsory for mortgage & real estate brokers and agents to excel in the challenging and constantly shifting mortgage & real estate industry.

We will truly expand your business exponentially, and let you focus on excelling in your profession.  We are committed to bringing you the latest technology in the mortgage industry and are dedicated to keep you a step ahead of your competitors. We are working persistently to bring all the necessary tools to your doorstep for enhanced and easier access. We truly believe that our success is your success.

Vision of iMortgageSites.com:

To be the most highly regarded, technically innovative & well-reputed website company in the world, with a pioneering drive in providing high-tech website systems to professionals.  iMortgageSites.com is firm and devoted to enhancing the business of its clients with an immense online presence to promote their image in the most effective way possible.

iMortgageSites.com enables loan officers to send and receive secure, signed loan applications & loan disclosures to their clients as well as to educate their clients in the mortgage process by steering them to one of the best educators available in the market.  Just by sitting in front of the computer, loan officers will now be able to receive signed loan applications, open escrows, order appraisals and send loans to underwriters – without even calling  or faxing anyone. All is available with the power of click.  This is truly a dream virtual office for loan officers.

Principles of iMortgageSites.com:

Our corporate objectives are displayed to show our employees, business partners and clients how we view our company and ourselves and which intrinsic and principles we follow.

We (the employees, management & investors of iMortgageSites.com) are responsible for keeping the company ethical and innovative.  We want to meet our market requirements enthusiastically to establish a reputation as effective problem-solvers.  It is absolutely essential that all employees and management set an example by following these guidelines. We all have the right to rely upon these criteria for maximum productivity and service.

At iMortgageSite.com, it isn’t enough to think big.  Imagination must be practiced within boundaries of ethics, compliance and integrity. Far from limiting creativity, iMortgageSite’s high standards have instead drawn a unique workforce of people dedicated to building a better company to provide online business solutions, each and every day.

Client: We take pride in providing the best customer service to our clients. We strive to provide a professional service in a socially agreeable environment and help our clients make the best decision for their businesses.  Clients’ feedback is always welcomed and appreciated.  Customer service with passion.
Technology: We provide high-tech technology to facilitate and enhance your loan origination process and maintain your online presence with the sophistication and high standard that is competitively required. We are committed to providing our clients with a loan process, loan origination marketing, mortgage  calculators & secure loan interactive application so you may acquire more mortgage & real estate leads and close more loans with the help of our technology.   Everything is just a click away in your virtual office.
Company Standards: We strictly adhere to all laws and guidelines set by Federal, State and DRE.  We have a zero-tolerance policy to any unethical behavior in our company.  It’s where good people come together to make something good even better. We are researchers, designers, engineers, and industry leaders in mortgage technology for loan origination and marketing.  We push each other every day to create better ideas and turn them into products that connect with consumers. Simply put: we’re here to help you be what’s next.
Performance: We always raise the bar of our performance to exceed customers’ expectations and perform well beyond our means – that is the essence of our company and teamwork.  Teams and teamwork represent very powerful mechanisms for achieving results and significant change in organizations.  Fresh, new technological development is our motivation to perform above normal standards of the industry.
Creativity: iMortgageSites.com is where curiosity and creativity meet.  Teamwork encourages the combination of various approaches and techniques and a competitive spirit which raises expectations, and therefore standards, to provide logical and simple mortgage solutions to help our clients excel in their field of interest. Our think-tank team always works hard to keep our clients one step ahead of the competition.

Benefits of iMortgageSites.com:

Consider the cost of not taking action. If you are a mortgage professional and do not have an IMS website, this may cost you thousands – and your reputation!  The rapid adoption of mortgage automation and the consumers’ interest in using the web to access mortgage resources and to communicate through your website is the norm in today’s corporate infrastructure.  One cannot afford to sit on the sidelines. iMortgageSites.com’s website is a presentation tool used by many people for a variety of useful tasks including:

Mortgage Tools: Providing support to your clients with mortgage tools included – but not limited to – mortgage calculators, rate sheets, loan educators, and online submission of loan applications.
Online 1003: Online loan application submissions speed up the loan process by weeks and provide mortgage companies vital information in a split of a second.
Financial Calculators: Mortgage calculators for clients and mortgage officers to calculate the mortgage payments and amortization tables.
Good Faith Estimate: Good Faith Estimate and income property analysis are imperative tools to help clients and close more deals.
Online Presence: The first place people usually expect information (especially clients) would be from the company’s website.  Having a professional website is vital for your image.
Name Recognition: To help increase your familiarity, while at the same time, increasing sales with low overhead. Increasing your online presence with a-state-of-the-art website is the only legitimate way to obtain high status among your competitors and be accessible to your clients at the same time.
Loan Educators: The Internet is a great educational tool, allowing clients to retrieve the latest mortgage and loan information.  You will get the most comprehensive loan educators in the mortgage industry with iMortgageSites.com

Technology of iMortgageSites.com:

Dynamic Websites: The new iMortgageSites.com offers the leading and most comprehensive features for mortgage and real estate websites in the U.S. for mortgage and real estate professionals and brokers.  We offer our customers a unique ability to upload a state-of-the-art mortgage website application in less than 5 minutes.
Back end database: iMortgageSites.com is backed by an interactive database that is the driving engine behind our dynamic websites.  Database is interactive by design to allow our users to update and select desired services and options in real time.  iMortgageSites.com does not provide just a template but an innovative database driven application that is technically equipped with all the tools to enhance your business and help you close more loans.
Loan closing: A team of seasoned and dedicated mortgage professionals researched for more than 3 years to produce such an application, bearing in mind all the necessary tools to help mortgage professionals close more loans.  The tools and key features offered by iMortgageSites.com are light years ahead of its competitors.
Mortgage Solutions: We do not sell templates or basic websites; however, we provide mortgage professional tools to close loans professionally, manage their loan pipeline, forecast report, marketing materials & lead generating interactive database driven website applications with extremely effective mortgage tools.
Paper-less loans: When it comes to technology, iMortgageSites.com is always looking toward the future. We are in a process of launching a paperless loan system that will allow communication & the transfer of data and loan papers from clients to mortgage professionals, loan processors, & mortgage brokers, and from mortgage brokers to lenders instantly, from any place and computer in the world.  You could be sitting in the Bahamas, closing loan, and managing your business online.
Our technology: iMortgageSites.com is the leading mortgage technology choice today, offering worldwide coverage and enabling a traditionally complex loan system into a turnkey online system to increase your business immensely.  iMortgageSites.com is one of the natural, futuristic evolutionary paths for mortgage business



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