3 Tips for Loan Officers to Have Prosperous and Successful 2013

17 Apr

successMortgage loan officers basically work for the lending or financial institution. Their job is to review mortgage loan applications and conduct an analysis whether loan will be approved or not. However, it certainly not as simple as it sounds. The debate about what it takes to be a good mortgage loan officer seems to be endless. This article will ferret out some unconventional and dynamic tips for loan officers to ensure they have a successful 2013.

Tip # 1

Hone your writing skills:

It may sound awkward to many that what a loan officer has to do with the writing skills. But fact is that good writing skills can definitely make you stand out from the thousands of other loan officers. There is no dearth of customers who are quite meticulous about little thing and non-professional written communication can be a big turn off for them.

Good writing skills for mortgage loan officers have become specifically requisite since the increasing usage of loan officer mortgage websites. These days, most common mediums of communication between customers and mortgage professionals are e-mails, blogs, and text messages and follow up letters. Hence, make sure what you write looks professional, make sense and create value for the customers.

Tip # 2

Be a tech savvy:

mortgage websites lately have turned out to be the biggest tool for mortgage loan officers to fetch leads. However, very few loan officers understand that website works for those who try to go extra mile. Setting up a website for the sake of formality will never yield the positive results. It is necessary for a loan officer to be fully involved in the web presence of his mortgage business. There are certain decisions that can best be taken by mortgage professionals as only they can determine best what kind of website be the true manifestation of their business vision and mission. For instance, a loan officer should decide about the mortgage websites designs. Whether to go for custom website or loan officer website templates will do the trick for business, no webmaster can decide better than loan officer.

Tip # 3

Constantly improve your sales skills:

Now you think you do not need to know this. Trust me – this is something no matter how much you have will always be insufficient. Sales and convincing people is a lot more than apprising them about your product. When it comes to mortgage, it is more about building a relationship with the client. It’s more about convincing the client that you work for him also, not just for the financial institution.

Besides, make sure your communication skills are good enough to deal with all sorts of people. i know loan officers who are really good with educated clients but struggle big time when it comes to dealing with the customers almost clueless about mortgage process. It is good to attend training sessions or workshops once or twice in a year.


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