Ingredients of brilliantly designed mortgage website

4 Apr

mortgage websitesIn today’s era of technology, irrespective of the scale of business, what connects it to rest of the world is “website”. Unfortunately, while some businesses have made fortunes out of it; others have witnessed a disaster. Website design is the key factor behind success and failure of every website. This article will highlight some web designing ingredients that can make or break the mortgage website.

Web content: it is all about creating a value for the visitor and content is key in this regard. People visit websites to find the information they are looking for; therefore make sure there is ample information for visitor which could easily be fathomed. For instance, if you have a reverse mortgage websites, make sure content essentially is about reverse mortgage. Other than information, content’s presentation has to be very good. Poor spelling and grammar mistakes will make bad impression of a website.

Website’s compatibility with browsers: there are myriad of browsers around. Website must be designed in a way to be compatible with at least all the famous browsers. All the users do not happen to be tech savvy; they either do not have the enough time to upgrade the browser or download new one or they simply do not know how to do it. They follow the simple rule “as long as it’s working; no need to fix it”.  A brilliantly designed website must work with major browsers like Microsoft internet explorer, Firefox, opera and Netscape at least.

Photos and graphics: studies have shown that if a web page takes more than 10 seconds to load; visitor will switch to another website. Therefore, be extremely cautious about the about the size of graphic files and photos on the web page.

Multimedia: multimedia consists of video and audio clips, background music, pictures and flash movies. A good website is the one that cater both kinds of visitors; those who want to see all this and those who do not want to.

Creating a text of the information given in multimedia for those who do not want to see multimedia is also a great facility for the visitor. Also, if a plug in is required provide a link. Last but never the least; never forget the “ten seconds rule”.

Navigation of the site: studies have shown that if a visitor does not found the required information within three clicks; will click away. We can call it the “three click rule”. Ensure that visitor reaches to required area within three clicks from any other area of the website. Navigation becomes more significant in case of residential mortgage websites.

Conclusion: a best website is the one that saves the visitor’s time and provides the relevant information. A website that does it well will certainly lead to success.


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