Mortgage website not working? You must be committing one of these 5 mistakes

1 Apr

mortgage websitesForewords:
Launching a business on internet through website and yielding good results from that website is a laborious task that requires proper homework and lots of efforts. The task becomes more laborious and tough when it comes to representing a complicated and fickle business like mortgage consultancy on internet.

I personally know various mortgage professionals who are struggling with their mortgage websites and worst is they have been unable to find the reason. This article will elaborate 5 most common mistakes that mortgage professionals make and have their money sunk.

1) Do not be a “BULL”:
yes, you read it right. Do not be a fighting bull who knows nothing but to attack the bullfighter. Websites do not work that way. Just the way you would or you had dealt with your new office in other state and prepared all the cash outflows and forecasted the inflows; websites of your mortgage consultancy needs the same attention. Hence, keep your expectations real and prepare the “ROI” and other necessary forecasting.

2) No subscription option:
let me explain this to you by drawing an analogy. Would you say good-bye a mortgage-seeker visiting your office first time without having his contact information and other important details? Never! Same way, how can you let the visitor visiting your mortgage website first time go without getting his important details.

Subscription option should be, least to say, ubiquitous on the website. You should leave no stone unturned to make sure that every visitor subscribed with the website. Whether having subscription option on every page or by offering the subscribers something exceptional; make it your top priority.

3) Inertia is equal to disaster:
is the mortgage industry in state of inertia? Definitely not! Then how come your website is inert? Speculations and news are inherent part of mortgage industry and that makes it extremely unstable and changeable. If you want your website to be the perfect representation of your business, makes sure you add new things on regular basis.

Opt for the option of buying mortgage website templates as it will make you more autonomous and you can add new content easily.

4) Neglecting the post website-creation work:
no matter how wonderful and classy website looks or how amazing functionalities it has; absence of proper marketing plan will never take it places.

I will go even bit far and say that vigorous marketing campaign is more important on cyberspace as competition is tougher. Therefore, pay proper attention to this aspect. Search engine optimization activities that you may have found clerical and not so importance are paramount and can be the make or break point.

5) Not keeping up with latest developments:
cyber space is extremely dynamic and always on evolution. Old techniques and methods, on regular basis, are being replaced by the new and contemporary ones. Therefore, make sure you have an eye on all the latest developments and innovations.

For instance, I know various mortgage brokers who think social media is for fun stuff and cannot be taken seriously. They are in dire need to understand that it can do wonder to your website and business. Another example could be growing trends of buying templates and neglecting the custom mortgage websites.


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