Highly effective mortgage marketing plan for mortgage professionals on budget

28 Mar

mortgage websiteMarketing of a mortgage website and bringing traffic on it is certainly an enduring and difficult task. I have met various mortgage professionals in state of shock and surprise that creating a website is not even equal to getting half of the job done.

What many brokers fail to realize is that setting up a website is one thing and generating leads through website is a different ballgame altogether. Let me draw an analogy to simplify it for you. Does setting up a posh office in best locality of city guarantees you lots of clients? NO. In spite of all the money you have spent on that office; there is still a dire need of using personal contacts and launching a vibrant marketing campaign to let people know about your business and services. A website works the same way. No matter how much you have invested in the process of creating it and how fantastic is the product; strenuous marketing efforts are required to yield the desired ROI of mortgage website.

The spectrum of activities to market the website is too broad. There are unlimited marketing techniques, methods and strategies. In this article, I will highlight a relatively economical and quite effective method of marketing a mortgage website without having you paying thousands of dollars monthly fees to the webmaster which is “social media marketing”.

Social media is still being underestimated in mortgage industry. Many of my broker colleagues feel social media is the play stuff and something for non-serious activities. But let me tell you, if done well; it can do wonder for you. Rest of the article will be about a tried and tested plan to launch a highly effective and economical social media marketing campaign.

Do not open too many fronts in the beginning:

Social media is not just about face book and twitter anymore. Over the last few years, various other platforms have been introduced. I would suggest start with face book and twitter as they are the most popular ones. Once your presence has been established there, then go for other platforms. It’s also important to figure out which social media platform is pertinent to your services and it starts with identifying the target market. If you have reverse mortgage website, figure out at which platform you can find maximum of your target market.

Is it all about We-We?

Your social media activities should not smack of narcissism and arrogance. Keep it easy, light, Informative and entertaining. Intersperse your social media content with industry information and other important development and analysis on mortgage industry.

Is it one-way traffic?

The biggest benefit of social media is the interaction opportunities it provides. Be quick in your response to the queries of social media group. In the ends, it’s not about you but about the potential clients. In some cases, interaction holds utmost importance. For example, if you have a residential mortgage website; your target market will be the people buying home first time or buying second time after ages when their knowledge about mortgage has been faded. In this situation, you are likely to be engulfed with questions from mortgage seekers and timely answer will enhance their trust on you.


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