Mortgage website – success lies in this “little secret”

25 Mar

mortgage websitesAre you a mortgage professional and not satisfied with the ROI of your website? Do you lament the decision of having a website for business and spending thousands of dollars on webmasters? Have you been failed to figure out what is the reason of website’s poor performance?

Believe me – you are no exception! It’s my daily job to meet with mortgage professionals complaining over the performance of their websites. In this article, I will divulge the secret behind failure and unsatisfactory performance of mortgage websites, and the secret is “Content”.

Now, the contents are of two types. Firstly, the content you have on the websites. Secondly, the content you are producing for marketing and SEO purposes of website.

Before I elaborate on how to come up with the right amount and quantity of content; let me help you drop two misconceptions first.

Firstly, it’s a high time to jettison the approach the no one reads the content. Yes – visitors do not read the each and every word of content on your website but visitors do read the portion text which is pertinent for you.

Secondly misconception is that little content is enough. Not at all, indeed you do not want visitor to lost in the website, but there has to be a sufficient amount of content.

Tips to coming up with EXCELLENT content:

Firstly, text on website should be a unique and amazing amalgamation of candid and professional. You should not be saying something childish for sure, at the same time you do not want to sound someone larger than life. Keep it informative and simple. Words on website should make visitors feel they have landed on the ideal place for their problem and need.

Secondly, keep the industry jargons for the discussions over tea parties with your colleagues. Keep the text as simple and easy-to-understand for the reader as possible. Who has time to use dictionary? There is no dearth of mortgage broker websites and visitor will quickly click away if he feels confused and perplexed.

Thirdly, avoid exaggerations. Buying a home is a big decision for people and last thing they want is being mislead. Avoid slogans like “HAVE YOUR OWN HOME IN FEW DAYS” and stuff. Raising customer’s expectations unnecessarily is not a good idea. Indubitably, you claim to have all the solutions of their problems, but given an impression to be their partner in their pursuit of finding a home at good rate.

Fourthly, all the written stuff on website should be organized and easy-to-find for the visitor. If you are offering multiple services, make sure visitor finds the one he is looking for easily. Don’t make visitors feel like “babe lost in woods”.

Shortly, no matter how good your mortgage website design is and how amazing knowledge and track record you have. It’s the words written on your websites that do the talking. They are the real representation of your business and your good intentions. One thing is common in all the best mortgage websites; they have extremely articulate, organized, informative and charming content.


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