Website Features by imortgage sites

26 Feb

Secure Loan Application:

Secure step by step interactive complete 1003

Secure online Loan/mortgage applications

Online interactive original 1003 loan application (Fill & Submit)

Fill online original 1003 and submit with signatures

6 different loan applications to secure more loan leads

Disclosures forms for all states

Clients can sign disclosure forms online

State of the art lead generation tools

Unlimited mortgage articles

Unlimited mortgage news and updates

Interest Rates:

Loan Advisor request

Update and upload daily interest rates

Interest rate payment chart

Instant Rate Quotes           

Rate Alert Request

45 Calculators:

Home Financing Calculators

Lease Calculators

Personal Financing Calculators

Investment Calculators

Retirement Calculators

Mortgage Educators:

Residential Mortgage & Home Loans

Home Appraisal & Appraisal Values

Home Owner Insurance

Escrow Process

Title Insurance

Interest Rate & Interest Types

Loan to Value (LTV – CLTV)

Debt-to-Income Ratio

Credit Score (FICO)

Bankruptcy & Foreclosures

Mortgage Website:

Website setup time less than 5 minutes

Customize your website instantly

30+ Customizable Plug & Play Modules

30+ Customizable web pages

      Maximum customizability in the Industry

Add/Edit Unlimited Pages

State of the art advance Admin Panel

      Dynamic website look & feel

Free Web Hosting

Get your domain names instantly

Free email accounts for loan officers

Web base email accounts

Check your emails anywhere in the world

Set up email account to “Microsoft Outlook”


Loan Officers & Real Estate Agents:

      Add Loan officers & Real Estate Agents profiles

      Add unlimited home listings

      Get Mortgage & Real Estate Laws updates

      Get most recent mortgage and real estate forms

Customize Logo Flash/HTML graphics

Customize headers Flash/HTML graphics

Customized Main pages of your site “Flash”

3 website packages

Custom Website for small and large companies

100+ professionally designed templates

Change your template daily

      Open Escrow & Title online

      Get farming leads for free

Best Escrow rates & service in the nation

Personalized escrow service

Order Payoffs demands online

Order Appraisals nationwide online

Check property profiles nationwide

Create marketing flyers-post cards …

Customize your marketing campaign

Newsletter database to keep in contact with your customers

Why select iMortgageSites for loan origination.

As the internet continues to escalate and becoming further accessible to all individuals consequently the majority of businesses and their information are obtained over the internet, having a legit and professionally made website is almost inevitable for any and all business.  In this day and age a business is exclusively judged by its website and online presence.  The days of the Yellow Pages are emphatically concluded as we usher into the age of e-information and e-commerce; therefore, one must adapt to innovative and brilliant way of obtaining information and conducting business over the internet.  Recent study shows 81.3% of the business inquires are made through the internet.  Data collected by team.

Last year 71% of the home-owners inquire about the mortgage interest rates over the internet.  Home-owners belong to working class and therefore have no time what so ever to go through the referrals and yellow pages, however, they have unlimited access to the internet and therefore have the means to inquires about every element of mortgages and home buying process through the internet.

But having an internet presence and maintaining a website is expensive, time-consuming and troublesome task even for computer-savvy business owners. iMortgageSites takes out the trouble and expensive development fees so that businesses can focus more on their main objective, selling.  As a matter of fact, just one lead from your ‘s Mortgage website can pay for a five years of website expense.

Benefits of having a mortgage website by

A website is a presentation tool used by many people for a variety of useful tasks including:

  • Providing support to your clients by providing mortgage and loan educator and online submission of loan application.
  • Online loan application submission speed up the loan process by weeks and provide mortgage companies vital information in a split of a second.
  • Online documentation and mortgage calculators for clients and mortgage officers to calculate the mortgage payments and amortization tables.
  • Providing press releases about your company. The first place people usually expect that information (especially clients) would be from the company’s website.
  • Selling variety of loan programs online which are other wise not available to home-owners.
  • To help increase your name recognition, while at the same time increasing sales with low overhead.
  • Legitimize your business and your online presence and become accessible to millions of clients over night.
  • Receiving feedback and comments from your users. The easiest way for people to submit comments is through a website. No paper or postage is necessary.
  • To teach people over the Internet. The Internet is a great educational tool, allowing clients to retrieve the latest mortgage and loan information.

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