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26 Feb
  • WHY you need a mortgage website
  • WHAT we offer to a loan officer
  • HOW to close more loans with rapid closing
  • Do You Know?
  • HOW to close 15-20 loans a months
  • HOW to convert leads into loans

WHY you need a mortgage website                           Sign up

Last year over 83% of loan origination inquires are made over the internet.  Therefore, you must have a Mortgage Website for your business.
Yellow Pages are categorically concluded as we usher into the age of e-information and e-commerce.  Look no more at Yellow pages or newspaper for your loan origination needs.
A loan originator must adapt to innovative and dazzling techniques of obtaining mortgage leads and closing loans rapidly through our website systems.  Sign up for the Mortgage Website!
Recent study shows that 81.3% of the total business inquires are made through the internet.  Enhance your business through Internet.
A professional website is the source of your legitimate business presence.  Your website builds your reputation and your business.
Homeowners have no time what so ever to go through the referrals and yellow pages for a reputable mortgage company or a reliable loan officer.  You website is the only source for your loan applicant’s trust and knowledge.
A loan originator must have a mortgage website that allows your clients to fill our interactive 1003 loan application online, and submit to you, with signature, in seconds.  Check out our interactive online 1003 Loan Applications.
An internet presence and maintaining a website is expensive, time-consuming and troublesome task even for computer-savvy business owners. We provide the most effective, lean caching, & affordable website solution.
We eliminates the stress & expensive development fees so that businesses can focus more on their main objective, loan origination, selling & closing loans.  We are the best mortgage website source for your business.
In fact, just one lead from your Mortgage website can pay for ten years of website expense. Originator Web Solutions.
In this ever-evolving business era, a business is exclusively judged by its website and online presence.  Get yourself a professional website made by iMortgage Sites
You online website educate your clients before they contact you and submit their loan application.  Most comprehensive mortgage educators

WHAT we Offer to a loan officer:

We have designed, with the consultation of top mortgage professional in the nation, an exclusive and comprehensive system to help mortgage professionals build multimillion dollar mortgage business and online web presence.  Below are few of the many features that we offer to our clients.

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Most comprehensive mortgage websites
Secure online Interactive 1003 application
1003 loan application with client’s signature
Online Disclosures with signatures
Mortgage Tools to build your business
Income Property analysis & Calculator
Online Good Faith Estimate
45 different Financial calculators
Most Comprehensive Loan Educators
Online professional Web Presence
100s of website design to chose from
100s of plug & play website features
Current DRE guidelines & updates
Current Mortgage Articles & Updates
Interest rate change notification
Name Recognition & online leads
Mortgage lead capturing system
Online tools to convert leads into loans
Unlimited house listings
Check property profile online
Make your marketing materials
Flyers – post cards – newsletters – etc.
Open Online – appraisal – escrow–title
Check escrow & title rates online
Order payoff demands online
Rapid loan closing system
List of lenders with the loan programs
Free Email Account & Free Hosting

HOW to close more loans with rapid closing

We provides a state of the art mortgage loan closing system through its Admin Panel.  We make available a systematic process from taking the loan application to the funding of loan.  We provide a bulletproof system by the most experience mortgage professionals and loan processors with all required paper works and necessary steps involved in rapid closing in a specific sequence to avoid delays and overlaps in the loan process.  It is indeed a delicate process, if not handle carefully, can cost you thousands of dollars in commission and future clients.

Below mentioned are few of the many main steps involved in the loan process.

Sign Up

Offer top loan programs Lowest interest rates Provide good faith estimate
Determine the eligibility Determine income status Lock the rate and program
Client fill the 1003 Sign the disclosures Pull the credit report
Open escrow Order prelim Order payoff demands
Order Appraisal Complete the final 1003 Gather supporting docs
Send the package to lender Submit the loan Get approval
Fulfill loan conditions Request the doc Get loan funded

Mortgage is a very competitive industry and rapid closing is the key for a successful mortgage business.  It is not in your benefit to keep a loan in your pipeline for more than two weeks.  The most prolific loan originators are the fastest closer of the loans.

We provide you systematical coaching from stacking a loan file and gathering loan documentation (DRE standards) to the disbursement of funds and getting more referrals from your clients before you close their loans.  Our admin panel is equipped with all the indispensable tools to the most proficient loan officer in the nation.

HOW to close 15 – 20 loans a month

A top producer must possess the ability, resources, knowledge base, organizational skills, sales knowledge, & marketing skills to be able to close over 10 loans a month.  10 – 20 loans a month target can only be achieved with an imortgagesites’s website system; however, it requires personal dedication and total focus to achieve this goal.  We give you a system that endows you with essential tools to achieve such goals month after month.

Some of the things you will learn are:

v  How to increase your customers’ credit scores.

v  How to spend less money on marketing and get better results.

v  How to have Realtors provide you with loans.

v  The proper method to follow up with leads and double your income.

v  How to automate your marketing system.

v  What factors cause home buyers to choose one lender over another?  Moreover, it is not the price!

v  How to make your prospects an offer they cannot refuse.

Sign Up

Marketing for Loans

Loan Pricing

Learn how to get loan referrals

Learn daily interest rates

Join referrals networks

Learn loan programs

Learn to convert 1 loan into 3 loans

Lean adjustable Indexes

Learn client management system

Learn how to price your loan

Online marketing / Leads

Learn to lock rate with higher rebate

Local marketing / flyers / mailers

Learn to maximize your profit

Learn to make clients work for you

Online Good Faith Estimate

Get loans from real estate agents

Learn how to do loan analysis

Understand your target segment

Understand your client & his/her loan

Understand loan marketing

Communicate to close fast

Mortgage Website

Loan Approval / Funding

Get state of the art mortgage website

Plan your loan before submission

Online interactive loan apps

File stacking order for underwriters

Get exclusive qualifies leads

How to open escrow/appraisal online

Automated loan system

How to order payoff demands online

Loan educators for your clients

Learn Loan submission system

Loan calculators for your clients

How to get fast approvals

Close loans out of your area

How to fulfill loan conditions fast

Close loans statewide

Always explain final docs & notarized

Close impossible loans online

Get the loan funded in 14 days

HOW to convert mortgage leads into loans                        Sign Up

iMortgage sites:


Mortgage Leads

Use iMortgage Sites Tools

Converse with client

Use online tools to get application

 Answer all Q&A right away

Convert Leads into Loans


More and more loan officers are relying on email as their primary and sometimes their only way to communicate with their prospects.  .
Email is the not the most effective first contact method with your prospects.
Email is great and you don’t have to play phone tag with a client but it is effective with the client whose loan is already being processed, email and a few phone calls is enough
Email is not enough when working with prospects. A prospect is someone you know is interested in a mortgage loan but has not committed to working with you.
As loan officers, we use email and the Internet all day, every day. Nevertheless, not all of our prospects do. If you are only following up with clients via email, you are missing the boat.  At least you are following the trend.
As more and more loan officers follow up only through email and phone, this gives the smart ones a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd.
If you want to stack the odds in your favor, I suggest you find ways to WOW your prospects.  WOW them to a point that you are their only choice for a loan. Is it hard to do?  No. But it takes creativity and a little work
Do you have enough tools to convert the mortgage lead into a loan in one phone call?
Email is the lazy loan officer way to follow up. The lazy loan officer thinks, “Hey, I’ll just write the emails once, load them onto an auto responder, and whenever I get a lead, I’ll add them to the list. The auto responder will send out the emails for me and I can sit back and relax.”That would be true if email alone was enough. But it is not
A loan officer has no more than 10 minutes to convince a prospect to do the loan with you.  Are you ready for all the tough questions?  Are you prepared to convert a mortgage lead into a loan?
Do you have?
Online GFE | Online Price matrix | Online loan educators | Online calculators |Online Interactive 1003 | Online Disclosures | Client submit online loan app |
Do you know?How to convert Rejections into YES | How to educate your Prospect | How to analyze client’s current loan | How to take loan application over the phone |How to get the loan before you hang up your call | How to ask for more referrals |
If you want to win more battles, if you want to stand out, don’t settle for the lazy way.Postcards | thank you notes | thank you email | a letter | discount offers | monthly newsletter | Loan program flyer | small gift | reminder note before the loan term expires |

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