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16 Feb

Internet lending is not just about a simple“Website”. A user must anticipate more from your Internet solution or mortgage website. To be aggressive, you must consider: rate of return, website & system automation, dynamic uploads, system integration, total security, DRE compliance and guidelines, system and protocol standardization, economic scalability, website support, mortgage educators, domain name process, website management, total marketing package, understating of the mortgage market, and, most importantly, your service providers’ experience and technology.

Dynamic Mortgage Website System:

We provide technologically advanced, data -driven mortgage website systems to enhance your professional image to help you get more leads and close more loans. Our website applications are distinctive and developed especially for mortgage professionals complete with all the required mortgage tools.

Domain Names:

IMS allows clients to check the availability of an appropriate domain name for their business and then register it with us. We do provide the smartest domain registration and an integrated page where you can register your domain instantly.

Free Hosting:

IMS provides all its clients free hosting for their website applications. All our websites are database driven applications and require a bulletproof server security and skilled staff to monitor and manage these sites 24/7 with substantial server space to run these applications without any disturbance or downtime. We provide it free of charge.

Free Emails:

IMS offers its clients free email accounts with their domain names to provide a legitimate and professional representation of our client’s business. It is a web-based email system and can be used from any internet-based computer worldwide. The email account can be plugged into your Microsoft Outlook as well. Technology integration.

Mortgage Calculators:

IMS provides one of the most comprehensive financial calculators in the financial industry. It is an indispensable tool for your clients to calculate mortgage payments and an amortization table within seconds. Simply put, it is a unique feature that attracts many clients to your site and helps you generate more mortgage leads. Calculate your interest.

Mortgage Educator:

IMS also provides the most comprehensive mortgage and loan pre-written educators in the industry, specifically designed and written to best educate your clients (homeowners) and loan agents as well. It is designed with the intention to provide a complete analysis of the loan process and all its components: A complete set of loan educators at your fingertips. Knowledge is Power.

Back end Database:

IMS technology incorporates a back end database driven website system for its mortgage clients. We do not sell templates but provide website systems to help our clients get more online mortgage leads and build a professional reputation. All our website systems are backed by their own databases so you can generate reports, secure your own exclusive leads and manage your loan pipeline. It also allows your clients to check the status of their loan online by logging into your website. A simply innovative system.

Dynamic Uploads:

Our system is designed to cater for the customized needs of our clients. A user of IMS can make changes, add new pages, pictures, more information and enjoy a plug & play facility, and upload those features in real time. There is absolutely no need to hire programmers and pay thousands of dollars for uploads and upgrades. We have simplified a complicated & expensive system into a user-friendly tool which is self-explanatory and easy to operate.

Plug & Play:

iMortgageSites.com offers a totally distinctive system of options with just the click of your mouse to upload them. In the admin panel of the website system, every option is at your disposal. A user can select any option and plug them in the website or make it dormant if those particular features are not required. It allows users to completely customize the website according to their specific requirements in real time. An absolutely dynamic system.

Add Web Pages:

A user can add as many pages he/she needs with the ability to upgrade the site dynamically in real time. IMS also provides a page editor just like Microsoft Word to upload the relevant text and style for relevant pages. It is a versatile feature to add your own pages in the existing website with pictures and text of your choice. Upload new web pages.

Admin Panel:

A website system with a website management panel that not only fully controls the website, but also allow the user to customize and add more pages and make dynamic changes in the website template, ranging from color to menu, categories, and text. Admin Panel features from secure 1003 loan application management system, design center, mortgage lead administration, add loan officer’s pages, home listing for real estates, good faith estimates, mortgage forms, property analysis, open escrow and appraisal, check title insurance rates and escrow fees, and SEO internet marketing. An inclusive website management system.

Lead Generation:

Lead generation is the most vital element of your mortgage & real estate business. We also provide many different technologically advanced options to help you secure more leads. Our methods include, but not limited to: six different loan apps, loan educators, marketing strategies for local communities and nationwide, online marketing, newsletters, free reports, client management systems, and many more advance options to secure more leads. Lead Generation is the key for a mortgage business.

Online Marketing:

We provide you with a complete analysis of online marketing, tailored according to your needs and budget, to maximize leads and close more loans. An Internet marketing strategy includes all aspects of online advertising and activity that more than adequately promotes a company with the use of websites, blog sites, article and press releases, online market research, email marketing, and advertising (ppc / banners etc.). A solution for online business.

Search Engine Optimization:

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via “natural” (“organic” or “algorithmic”) search results for targeted keywords. iMortgageSites.com exclusively provides its clients SEO friendly sites with the correct coding and factual text. As a marketing strategy for increasing a site’s relevance, iMortgageSites.com uses unique algorithms for your site’s optimization. Get a better location for your website.

Meta Tags:

Meta elements are HTML or XHTML elements are used to provide structured metadata about a web page. Such elements must be placed as tags in the head section of an HTML or XHTML document. Meta elements can be used to specify page description, keywords and any other metadata not provided through the other head elements and attributes. iMortgageSites.com provides contents for meta tags and unlimited space for relevant tags for your website. Enter unlimited meta tags.

Web Links:

Today, one of the most potent methods of marketing on the internet is reciprocal marketing or linking one site to another. You can link your website with your favorite real estate agent, news agencies, mortgage portals, and link their site to yours. IMS provides these features already embedded in your site to help get better search engine positioning to secure more leads. You can also link with community websites or other industry related companies. Reciprocal link exchange is essential.

Custom Websites:

We provide an exclusive service for custom websites systems and enterprising business solutions according to the needs of our clients. We customize websites.

Custom Logo Design:

Every client requires an exclusive logo for their company and website. Therefore, we do offer a custom logo design service to fully accommodate our clients and help establish their unique identities. Logo establishes your identity.

Custom Templates:

IMS provides an inclusive service of custom website systems with back end database, eCommerce options, dynamic upload solutions, custom mortgage websites logo and design, fully integrated compliance and guidelines, system and protocol standardization, economic scalability, website support, industry educators, domain name process, website management, total marketing packages, included but not limited to SEO, PPC, etc,. We do websites Right!

Custom Database:

Large companies often demand custom databases, and IMS has realized that this entails an acute understanding of a client’s specified requirements. We do not sell templates but we provide website systems to help our clients get more online mortgage leads and build a professional rapport in their professional sector. All our website systems are backed by their own database so you can generate reports, secure your own exclusive leads and manage your loan pipeline. It also allows your clients to check the status of their loans online by logging into your website. Tailor-made to suit your needs.

Mortgage Marketing Materials:

iMortgageSites.com offers an absolute unique and state-of-the-art feature that allows end users to draft and make their own marketing materials for their campaigns from the given templates and material writings. This feature illustrates how to make flyers, banners, cards, loan programs flyers, open-house letters, newsletters, and all other marketing material needed to enhance your business and your standing as a professional. Manage your own marketing campaign!

Real Estate Marketing Materials:

This feature incorporates all elements as described above, as applicable for Mortgage Marketing Materials. Apart from being able to manage your own campaign, features include:

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Real Estate Web Design
  • MLS Integration
  • Internet Marketing
  • Mortgage Broker Networking Services

Build your Real Estate Business!


Your unique brand identity and brand image will keep your company standing apart from competitors. As part of our branding service, we conduct a series of interviews and interactive working sessions to analyze your current branding identity and branding image. We assist our clients in articulating their key market differentiators, brand attributes and value propositions through trade ads, annual reports, trade show booths, brochures, sell sheets, training videos, newsletters, press releases, etc.

Software Development:

What IMS can do:

  • Fast track ecommerce design and deployment of integrated systems
  • Custom Database design, development and support
  • Software development for web solutions and enterprise solutions
  • Free Consultation for web-base business, online marketing, & ecommerce software

We understand & identify that every client is unique, with unique target audiences and require unique web and ecommerce solutions. By utilizing emerging technologies to solve daily business problems, we can create solutions providing more efficient ways of doing business lasting into the future. Custom software development for larger projects.

Web Business Consulting:

Web-based businesses are fairly new to the business community and consumers – therefore, many companies don’t understand or identify with the intricacy of putting together credible and certified ecommerce web applications for smaller to medium- sized businesses. We provide a Free web-business consulting service to understand, evaluate, and devise strategies to enhance your online business. Free Web-business Consulting!

Press Release:

Publicity is the most cost-effective marketing tool there is and it’s the only part of a marketing strategy that builds credibility. Many industries have innovative start-up companies that are relatively unknown. For these new companies to gain an edge over their competition, it is vital that they build credibility through publicity. We do provide credible press release to make your business reputable and well-established in the top searches of Google and Yahoo.

iMortgageSites.com is an innovative, new software company providing high-tech websites for mortgage brokers, mortgage banks, real estate companies, real estate brokers, and loan officers. Before initiation, the company embarked upon intense research to identify key features and tools compulsory for mortgage & real estate brokers and agents to excel in the challenging and constantly shifting mortgage & real estate industry.

iMortgageSites.com will truly expand your business exponentially, and let you focus on excelling in your profession. We are committed to bringing you the latest technology in the mortgage industry and are dedicated to keep you a step ahead of your competitors. We are working persistently to bring all the necessary tools to your doorstep for enhanced and easier access. We truly believe that our success is your success.


To be the most highly regarded, technically innovative & well-reputed website company in the world, with a pioneering drive in providing high-tech website systems to professionals. iMortgageSites.com is firm and devoted to enhancing the business of its clients with an immense online presence to promote their image in the most effective way possible.

Our Goal:

To supply efficient Mortgage tools and Lead generating solutions to enable our customers to be the benchmark of their respective industries.

Our Vision:

The world is increasingly more reliant on intelligent web information systems. Imortgagesites.com will be the most sought -after provider of intelligent website systems and online technology solutions.

Client Focus:

To exceed customer expectations for value and service. To build and maintain customer relationships and ensure long-term satisfaction.

Commitment to Excellence:

To deliver world-class results in all we do. Excellence does not mean better, it means BEST..

Competitive Advantage:

To enable our customers to stay ahead of their competitors by providing best-in-class solutions, customer service and results.


To foster open communications, listen, and understand other perspectives.

Strong Leadership:

To champion changes which improve results for our customers. To do the right thing – not, simply, do things right.

Team Work:

To foster an environment and culture of collaboration and mutual accountability. To earn Trust and Respect.


To consistently demonstrate principled and ethical judgment and practice the highest standards of social conduct.


To develop plans which deliver better results, and continually strive for personal and professional development.


One Response to “About iMortgageSites.com State of the art Mortgage websites”

  1. Jack Froiberg February 16, 2012 at 5:21 pm #

    I’m so very glad that finally someone made a website system which actually benefit Mortgage professionals and not just money grabbing scheme. Thumbs up to the management of iMortgageSites.

    Jack froiberg

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